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Nevada Chapter of Community Associations Institute Offers Pointers on Safeguarding Community Associations in the Midst of Massive HOA Probe

Members of the Nevada chapter of Community Associations Institute (CAI) sympathize with associations and homeowners who have been victimized by illegal and unethical activities. We fully support the ongoing investigation. Those found guilty should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This case affirms the need for appropriate checks and balances in community association management and governance. Nevadans can protect themselves, their communities and their investments in a number of ways. CAI encourages homeowners to get involved in their communities—attend annual meetings, serve on committees and seek seats on association boards. Involvement creates awareness and empowerment.

We hear about these kinds of cases because they are the exception. While that does not lessen the angst and sense of betrayal when associations are victimized, the vast majority of common-interest communities function without serious conflict—and certainly without unlawful or unethical practices.

We hope the actions of a few will not tarnish all community association professionals. In fact, a national survey of residents in homeowners associations and condominium communities affirms that association residents are overwhelmingly satisfied in their communities and have high regard for their elected board members and professional managers.

Community association boards have a legal and ethical obligation to serve the best interests of their homeowners. Board members are homeowners themselves, elected by their neighbors to preserve the character of their communities, protect property values and meet the established expectations of owners. When they don’t, owners should vote them out of office. 

Below are  links to resources provided by CAI National.  

An Introduction to Community Association Living<

·         Community Association Fundamentals

·         Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members

·         Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities

·         Community Association Governance Guidelines

 The Fundamentals of Community Association Volunteer Leadership<

 Education for Community Managers<

Professional Manager Code of Ethics<

 Embezzlement Safeguards (1)

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