2017 BDR's to Watch

Grassroots Update

January 18, 2017



The Nevada Legislature begins on February 6, 2017. LAC is currently in the process of reviewing bills drafts and meeting with legislators.  So far, there are four bill drafts that would revise NRS Chapter 116. LAC is waiting to review the final language  Following is what LAC knows at this time:


·        BDR 470 – This bill draft was submitted by Senator Harris on behalf of CAMEO and NACM to revise provisions related to community managers.  LAC understands that the bill will include the same language proposed in Assemblymember Spiegel’s bill from last session.  LAC recently worked with Senator Harris to amend this bill to insert language related to director’s and officer’s insurance and voting procedures.


·        BDR 554 – This bill draft was submitted on behalf of the Nevada Sunset Subcommittee and LAC understands it will require the homeowner members on the Common-Interest Community and Condominium Commission to live in an association.


·        BDR 681 – This bill draft was submitted by Senator Woodhouse and LAC is still waiting to see the language.


·        BDR 41 – This bill draft was submitted by Assemblymember Gardner who lost his election in November.  It is unknown what was included in this bill and if another legislator will move the bill forward.


LAC is also monitoring approximately 20 additional bills to confirm whether they will impact common-interest communities.  The subjects of these bills include: real property, NRED, energy, feral cats, foreclosures, liens, public notices, solar gardens, medical homes, leases and excess proceeds from tax sales.  Once these bills are released, LAC will review each one and determine whether they should be added to our tracking list.  



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